Hensler Nursery’s Fall Fest has had a 5 year run of fun-filled activities before it was closed down this year. According to John Hensler, “We will miss our partnership with the Indiana Giant Pumpkin Growers Association. We made many friends.” Also missed will be the Car Show activity, the Wheel Horse/Lawn Tractor Weekend, The Giant Pumpkin Drop, and of course, all the wonderful people and groups who came for fall activities.

Ron Henigsmith, Special Events Coordinator, stated “With the fall activities gone, there will be more time to prepare for Christmas Fest.” During the 5 years of Fall Fest activities, Christmas Fest continued to grow, increasing by 26 percent.

Scaling back on fall activities will allow HNI to concentrate on the heart of its business. Fall work load remains full at the nursery. Fall is an ideal time to plant deciduous seed and some pine seeds; necessary preparations for continued nursery product. The wholesale Christmas tree fields need final preparation for the November harvest. And, bringing a fresh presentation to Northern Indiana s Christmas Fest remains a priority.

The staff at Hensler Nursery thanks all who came for the pumpkin rides and all the Fall Fest activities! We look forward to seeing you again this Christmas.

If you’d like to take a look at all the fun we had over the years during Fall Fest, check out our archives.