Hensler Nursery will host the 2nd Annual Northern Indiana Spring Plant Auction on Saturday, April 25th. A wide variety of plants will be featured, including landscape ready trees, shrubs and flowering perennials.

We’ll be offering door prizes and there will be foresters available on sale day for consultation. The auction will be conducted by Kaser’s Auction Service and consigners include Hensler Nursery, Inc., J&K Tree Farm and Stanger Trees, Inc.

Sale begins at 8 a.m. central time, 9 a.m. eastern time. We look forward to seeing you there!

Features: Tri-Color Beech (6′-7′) and Japanese Maple (6′).
Also: Thousands of deciduous trees both bare root and potted (12″-26″) available in landscape and wildlife quality, including White Oak, Red Oak, Silky Dogwood, Red Bud, Hazelnut, Black Walnut, etc.

Plant List:

  • Norway Spruce 4′-6′
  • Serbian Spruce 6′, 7′, 8′
  • Northern White Cedar (am. Arborvitae) 6′
  • Douglas Fir 2-2t transplants 18″-24″
  • Northern White Cedar (Am. Arbor.) 2-2t transplants 12″-20″
  • Potted: Hemlock, Norway Spruce, Blue Spruce, White Pine 3′-4′
  • Maples 1 1/2″-2″ (Sugar, October Glory, Sunset)
  • Shrubs B&B and potted: Forsythia, Magnolia, Hydrangea, Virburnum, Yews, Boxwoods and Holly
  • River Birch- Single Stem and Multi Stem 1″-3″
  • Crabapples 2″-3″
  • Red Buds 4′-8′ Single and Multi Stem
  • Grasses: 2 and 3 gallon (Maiden, Indian, Big Blue Stem, etc)
  • Mixed perennials 1 and 2 gallon
  • Burning Bush and many more plants available day of sale

Terms: CASH or check, MC, VISA, AM EXPRESS, DISCOVER. Not responsible for accidents or merchandise after sale.