We were asked to decorate the amphitheater again this year in Centennial Park for the Blueberry Festival!

The left side of the amphitheater features our fall display: flowers, pumpkins, and hand crafted figures. The center column is graced with an 11′ sunflower. The grasses add motion as they catch any available breeze. The pumpkins add brightness. The red mums hint at the coming fall season.

The Pilgrim and the Indian character and all the display will return to Hensler Nursery at the conclusion of the Blueberry Festival and become part of the Fall Fest where it’s Fall! All Over the Place! Like all of our decorations, they are carefully crafted and painted by our local crafter, Donna Stanley, who always imparts a whimsical flair to her creations.

The 1106# pumpkin is the winner from the Indiana State Fair. It is on loan to Hensler’s and is part of the decor’ at the Amphitheater.