Maintaining your Potted Tree Outside

Carefully planning ahead will allow you to enjoy your tree for years to come. Move your tree to its permanent location after the holidays. If the ground is frozen, place the tree in a sheltered area away from direct sunlight and severe wind. Keep watered during the winter. Do not remove from the fiber pot. Plant as early in the Spring as possible.

Inside Conditions are Sensitive for a Live, Potted Tree

Your tree was not meant to be a houseplant. Keep it inside for as little time as possible, but no longer than 7-10 days. Keep your potted tree as cool as possible, away from direct sources of heat. Use Christmas lights sparingly because the heat from them can dry out needles and brown branches.

Tips for Planting a Potted Tree

Slowly remove the tree. Let your potted tree adjust from 70 degrees to the cooler outside temperatures by several days transition time in a cooler garage or porch. Plant your tree outside as soon as possible, planting it in the fiber pot at the same depth as the soil in the pot. Stake the tree to hold it firmly in place. Add mulch around the base and water thoroughly.