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Wildlife Tree Transplant & Seedling Packet

6 varieties of trees, 60 seedlings & transplants with FREE shipping!

Wildlife Tree Transplant and Seedling Packet

Six Wildlife Tree Species

We have brought together some of our best-selling wildlife tree species in one combo packet for you. Our wildlife tree species packet is particularly appealing to wildlife experts and hunters who want to improve habitat, as well as conservationists and individuals who would like to plant a variety of trees on their land. Hensler Nursery white pine and red pine transplants and our white oak, walnut, hazelnut and American plum seedlings combine to create a wonderfully, diverse healthy tree packet. All trees are strongly-rooted 1 and 2-year old plants.

Planting instructions will be provided with each shipment.

Availability of Wildlife Tree Transplant & Seedling Packet

Determined when spring hits and the ground has thawed for digging seedlings. This is typically starting around mid-march and finishes at the end of April.

White Pine

The white pine is a fast grower and, once established, after the first year will grow 2-3 feet per year. Total height may reach 150 feet. White pine is excellent as a border tree on property. This tree provides cover and browse for whitetail deer, while birds and small mammals eat the seeds from the cone of the white pine. Wild Turkey use the white pine to roost in and scratch for insects underneath its needle layer on the ground.

  • Our size: 10-14 inches, transplant
  • Amount: 10

Red Pine

The red pine is similar to the white pine as fast grower with 2-3 feet increasing each year until finally reaching a height of 100 feet. A great border tree for the property, and provides cover for deer, and seeds for birds and mammals.

  • Our size: 12-20 inches, transplant
  • Amount: 10

White Oak

Producing sweeter and larger acorns preferred by whitetail deer, turkey and other wildlife, the white oak is a great tree that can reach a height of 70-80 feet.

  • Our size: 6-10 inches, seedlings
  • Amount: 10


A great tree for lumber and wildlife alike. The Walnut tree produces nuts that can be eaten by people, as well as wildlife. Tree size varies between 60-100 feet.

  • Our size: 16-24 inches, seedlings
  • Amount: 10


A hazelnut tree is a medium-sized bush which produces a nut desired by wildlife. It also provides a nesting habitat for birds.

  • Our size: 12-18 inches, seedlings
  • Amount: 10

American Plum

The American plum is a small tree, growing in pure stands and produces a plum that is good for human consumption and wildlife. The tree also provides nesting habitat for birds and small game.

  • Our size: 14-22 inches, seedlings
  • Amount: 10
  • Total packet: 60 trees
  • Cost: $99
  • Shipping: Hensler Nursery is offering free shipping with each wildlife tree transplant and seedling packet.